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Since Feb 2007, PPHI was the name given to a Public – Confidential Association between the “Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO)” and the Public authority of Sindh (GOS). PPHI – Sindh is currently the name of a private “Organization” enrolled under segment 42 of the Organizations Statute, 1984. In January 2014, this new Organization got the task that was before with the SRSO. The principal Association and the present are both for the administration of Essential Medical services (PHC) framework of the GOS.


In Feb 2007, when the GOS took the creative course, it had just a single item as a top priority. Its PHC framework in the rustic regions – esteemed moderately around Rs. 20 Billion – was either poorly functional or by and large broken. The Wellbeing Profile of the populace was upsetting to the point that this framework must be made critically and ideally functional. The course taken was to “contract – out” the executives of Government’s foundation to the Confidential area. It was named PPHI. It began with only one Locale – Kashmore – and presently reaches out to 22. PPHI – Sindh by and by overseeing 9 RHCs, 649 BHUs, 35 MCHCs and 435 Dispensaries and 12 others a sum of 1140 Wellbeing Offices in provincial Sindh. This is the size of the open door and the test for the PPHI – Sindh.

PPHI has come to mean orchestrating a lot more Medical care Suppliers particularly in remote and difficult to-get to rustic regions. It has come to mean Medical care for Mother and Youngster adequate accessibility of fundamental clinical supplies; Wellbeing Instruction; Inoculation; People group associated with Wellbeing Offices (HFs). It has come to mean a lot more as the accompanying pages will show.

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Wellbeing Division The Common Wellbeing Service is a standard body for giving Clinical Instruction Preparing and Work. Its Statement of purpose is:-

Statement of purpose
The general vision depends on “Wellbeing for All” the new Wellbeing Strategy means to carry out this procedure of safeguarding people groups against Unsafe Sicknesses, advancing general wellbeing, redesigning remedial wellbeing offices, upgrading value, productivity and viability in wellbeing area.
The Sindh Branch of Wellbeing as of now has in excess of 14,000 Specialists 2,000 Medical attendants and more than 12,000 paramedics serving all around the territory. The area has two clinical colleges; one each at Karachi and Jamshoro, and three clinical universities; one each in Sukkur, Nawabshah and Larkana, 12 Nursing School, 10 Maternity care Schools and 5 General Wellbeing School for woman wellbeing guests. The colossal organization of emergency clinics and wellbeing offices incorporate 6 showing clinics, 5 specific establishments for chest, dermatological and dysfunctional behavior, 11 region central command medical clinics, 27 significant medical clinics situated in the significant urban communities, 44 Taluka medical clinics, 99 Rustic Wellbeing Places in humble communities, 738 essential wellbeing units in Association Boards, 305 dispensaries in bigger Association Gatherings, 36 MCH Focuses 12 maternity Homes and 39 habitats for customary medication. The rustic wellbeing habitats give expert consideration in the first part of the day hours notwithstanding minor crisis benefits and have indoor offices that are rarely used, while the BHUs and dispensaries give outside prescription and preventive consideration till 2 pm.

The Country offices are normally unprepared, under-staffed, and under-used.

Alongside we works with:-

  1. Control of Transferable infections:-
  2. Tuberculosis
  3. Immunization preventable sicknesses and Polio destruction
  4. Intestinal sickness and Leishmaniosis
  5. Blood Security and Control of HIV/Helps
  6. Hepatitis B and C
  7. Control of Non-transferable infections
  8. Cardiovascular infection, diabetes, Disease, Psychological sickness, Hereditary issues, Snake chomp and Canine nibble
  9. Anticipation of Visual impairment (Vision 2020) Program in Sindh
  10. Go to lengths to execute Better Maternal and Youngster Wellbeing
  11. To counter Unhealthiness
  12. To guarantee Street Security

There is a noticeable metropolitan predisposition for both the wellbeing offices and medical clinics of general society and confidential areas, with little linkages between the two. In this manner, a framework of Woman Wellbeing Laborer (LHWs) was laid out at the grassroots level in 1994, to guarantee that wellbeing schooling, regenerative wellbeing, immunization, control of the runs and other transferable illnesses, advancement of safe water and sterilization and different elements of PHC could be made effectively open to the nearby local area. The LHWs are center level taught, ideally wedded and dwelling in the catchments regions, which they serve. They are therefore prepared empowering them to give preventive, promotive and basic corrective consideration. Presently, 17704 Woman Wellbeing Laborers (LHWs) and 705 Woman Wellbeing Laborers’ Managers working in the field in Sindh, while around 4,000 more LHW are expected to cover the whole country populace of the region.

PPHI has come to mean organizing a lot more Medical care Suppliers particularly in remote and difficult to-get to rustic regions. It has come to mean Medical care for Mother and Youngster adequate accessibility of fundamental clinical supplies; Wellbeing Training; Inoculation; People group associated with Wellbeing Offices (HFs).

PPHI stands forĀ  “People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative”

PPHI Sindh is likewise enrolled with Financial Undertakings Division, Legislature of Pakistan as a neighborhood NGO qualified for get unfamiliar commitments. PPHI’s process began from Locale Kashmore in 2007 and continuously extended to 22 areas of Sindh.

PPHI SINDH – Non-Government Organizations (NGO) – – Karachi…

Administrator. Mr. Fazal-ur-Rehman, a resigned government employee, joined the common help in 1972 and served for 38 years. He has a Graduate degree in Global Relations and General History from Karachi College and furthermore went to the College of Connecticut for graduation.

Fazal-ur-Rehman, Chairman (BOD) PPHI Sindh.
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