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Populace development in Pakistan has shown a proceeded with increment since the 1940s because of diminished mortality and diligent high rates of birth. The country’s populace developed from almost 33 Million out of 1947 to around 196.5 Million to date, an increment of just multiple times since the extended period of freedom. Proceeded with quick development in populace has positioned Pakistan 6th on the planet and the third greatest supporter of total populace development. With an extremely youthful age structure, and an enormous number of individuals going to enter the regenerative years, the populace can possibly fill quickly sooner rather than later, despite the fact that fruitfulness is supposed to considerably fall. The Populace Government assistance Program is a social improvement action pointed toward diminishing the populace development rate which is a need for non-industrial nations like Pakistan.


The general vision of the Punjab Populace Strategy 2017 is to advance prosperous, solid and information based society where each family is arranged, each part sustained and all residents are given the open door and decision to accomplish improvement in the nature of their lives.

The area of Punjab with an expected populace of more than 103 million (2016) is confronting the test to resolve issues like monetary turn of events and destitution decrease. While obliging in excess of 50% of the all out populace with 26% of the land region of the country, it gets the significant effect of fast populace increment. Populace thickness at present is assessed at 490 people/sq. km. Such a weighty burden, in the setting of low financial markers, weakens the consequences of improvement endeavors, however it likewise makes an unsuitable degree of interest on restricted assets to meet the necessities of the extra populace. Creating more assets for further developing everyday environments consequently turns into a troublesome undertaking. Previously, high populace development has essentially added to the local area living underneath the destitution line. In light of present development designs the number of inhabitants in Punjab is supposed to twofold following 36 years. It is expected that the economy wouldn’t have the option to support this development, and no improvement in the personal satisfaction appears to be conceivable much under the most positive presumptions. The current populace pattern is, in this way, a question of profound concern.

Tending to high populace development ought to without a doubt be a focal issue in the general arranging point of view. The need to seek after a viable populace program at all levels can nor be overlooked nor overstated. Contrasts in the geological dissemination of populace, being packed more in the northern regions of the territory than in the southern locale, contrasts in landscape and in culture, and, to top everything, the decision for the reception of the birth dividing by couples being simply willful are a portion of the moves looked by the division to address the quickly developing the populace.

population welfare department -pkcarrier


The Populace Government assistance Division Punjab has framed its objectives as follows:

Balance out populace development as a fundamental necessity for advancing practical improvement with evenhanded conveyance through energetic execution of between sectoral techniques
Diminish ripeness to contain populace energy by further developing admittance to nature of regenerative medical care through incorporated help conveyance
Work with and guide applicable areas to accomplish SDG goals connected with all inclusive admittance to regenerative medical care administrations pointed toward advancing general government assistance of populace


In addition, the Division has stemmed its targets which are:

Lower needed family size to 2.5 by 2020 through a powerful populace correspondence and instruction program zeroing in on little family size and its relationship with human government assistance and natural security
Effectively advance three Solid Timing and Separating of Pregnancy messages to connect with all ladies by 2020
Guarantee fundamental prophylactic security at all help conveyance source for 2015-2020
Accomplish a fruitfulness level of 3.3 births per lady by 2020
General admittance to protected and quality family arranging and conceptive wellbeing administrations to the most remote and distant of the Territory by 2025
Raise prophylactic commonness rate to 60 percent by 2030
Endeavor speedily to accomplish substitution level fruitfulness of 2.1 births by 2030
To accomplish greatest outcomes, exact and definitive methodologies have been instituted by the office. The office endeavors to:

Create and send off support missions to address exceptional gatherings, like policymakers, assessment pioneers, youth, and teenagers
Increment responsibility for issues by the partners and reinforce their cooperation in the cycles of administration conveyance and program plan
Lessen neglected need for family arranging administrations by making accessible quality family arranging and RH administrations to all wedded couples who need to restrict or space their kids
Take on a shift from target-situated to individuals focused needs and administrations
Guarantee arrangement of value benefits particularly to poor people, under-served, and un-served populaces in rustic regions and metropolitan ghettos
Direction and screen an extensive organization of family arranging and conceptive wellbeing administrations
Construct solid associations with concerned line services, commonplace line divisions especially wellbeing, non-administrative associations, and the confidential area including the modern area to keep up with principles in family arranging by giving help and direction through promotion, preparing, checking ,and different method for cooperation and quality confirmation
Reinforce commitment to populace exercises by common society players, especially NGOs and media
Extend the job of the confidential area by making contraceptives available and reasonable through friendly showcasing of contraceptives
Decentralize program the board and administration conveyance to commonplace and locale levels
Punjab Populace Strategy 2017, explicitly customized according to the requirements of the number of inhabitants in Punjab, has been drafted and is in course of endorsement.

The Seventh Ten years (2010 – Present)

In 2010 as a result of the eighteenth amendment in the constitution, the Service of Populace Government assistance stopped existing and its capabilities were lapsed to the regions under Populace Government assistance Divisions. The Secretariat of the Commonplace Populace Government assistance Division Punjab is going by a Regulatory Secretary. The Common Directorate is going by the Chief General and is carried out in the field through 36 Region and 121 Tehsil Populace Government assistance Workplaces, which thus guarantee quality help conveyance through an organization of Family Wellbeing Facilities (beforehand Conceptive Wellbeing Administrations Focuses), Family Government assistance Focuses, Portable Assistance Units, and Social Mobilizers. After devolution, the primary Commonplace Populace Strategy was allowed last endorsement by the Noteworthy Boss Pastor in January 2017. The strategy is wide based and envelops a dream of a prosperous, solid, and information based society where each family is arranged, each part sustained and all residents are furnished with the open door and decision to accomplish improvement in the nature of their lives.

Post devolution, the Populace Government assistance Division is undeniably outfitted to address quick populace development inside an improvement system while underlining the significance of between sectoral joint effort for a multi-layered center. It is this vision, in the background of worldwide and public responsibilities on conceptive wellbeing for all including family arranging, that is directing the exercises of the Populace Government assistance Division Punjab. A portion of the drives taken post devolution incorporate arrangement of contraceptives liberated from cost to clients, development of Family Government assistance Focuses down to association gathering level, repair and reactivation of Versatile Help Units to connect with family arranging and regenerative wellbeing administrations to target populace in country and difficult to arrive at settlements, forceful and designated media crusades separately and as a team with Wellbeing Division, improvement of joint reference framework for family arranging clients through outreach laborers as a team with Wellbeing Division, arrangement of missing offices at Family Wellbeing Facilities and Family Government assistance Focuses, development of 11 Family Wellbeing Facilities, foundation of 17 Juvenile Wellbeing Places, obtainment of contraceptives for its administration conveyance outlets, foundation of its own store network the board down to grass root level, advancement of electronic Preventative Calculated Administration Data Framework CLMIS, reinforcing of Populace Government assistance Preparing Organization and Provincial Preparation Organizations Lahore and Multan in regard of limit and nature of preparation phases, and examination work, upgradation of 09 Family Wellbeing Facilities appended with training medical clinics to Preparing Focuses, IT unrest through true email records and online correspondence and detailing, foundation of complementary number and help line for family arranging directing, office for conference on family arranging matters by means of email and correspondence with overall population through web-based entertainment facebook page.

The 6th 10 years (2000 – 2009)

On July 25, 2001, a Mandate on “Move of Populace Government assistance Program (Field Exercises) (Alteration) Law, 2001″ was proclaimed, between alia, pronouncing all Populace Program workers as government workers of the particular Common State run administrations. The Populace Strategy of Pakistan was sent off in July 2002 with the vision to accomplish populace adjustment by 2020 through the speedy culmination of the segment progress that involves a downfall both in fruitfulness and death rates.

During 2004, the standing board of trustees of the Public Get together wanted that help conveyance points of the Populace Government assistance Program have ISO Affirmation so their QOC would be perceived according to worldwide norms and conventions. The program’s countrywide organization of outlets is ordered to convey FP administrations, maintaining an exceptional spotlight on QOC. The MOPW is the very first open area association to have (ISO) 9001:2000 Certificate for its administration conveyance outlets, through the Unified Enlistment centers of Frameworks (URS), UK.

The Fifth Ten years (1990 – 1999)

With the finish of the Zia system in 1989, the populace program areas of strength for saw support from the most significant levels and during the 1990s, the public authority’s solid and express help to the family arranging program gave it a defining moment. On the 27th of June 1990, the Service of Populace Government assistance was made to take care of the issues of Populace Government assistance. The national government was liable for the general execution and whole subsidizing of the Populace Government assistance Program through this Service. A Between Clerical Council comprising of Pastors for Arranging and Improvement, Schooling, Wellbeing, Data, and Populace Government assistance was set up for viable execution of the Populace Government assistance Program. Pakistan turned into a signatory to the ICPD strategy and hence the Regenerative Wellbeing Bundle was acquainted with the objective populace through the office. For extending inclusion another framework of town based family arranging laborers was made to take the administrations to the doorsteps of individuals.

The Fourth 10 years (1980 – 1989)

In 1980 the Populace Division, previously under the heading of a pastor of state, was renamed the Populace Government assistance Division and moved to the Service of Arranging and Financial Turn of events. This organization was accused of the conveyance of both family arranging administrations and maternal and youngster medical care. Local area interest had at last turned into a foundation of the public authority’s strategy, and it was trusted that preventative use would rise emphatically. The populace by 1980 had surpassed 84 Million.
The course of authoritative changes proceeded and the field exercises and arrangement of administrations were moved to the commonplace legislatures, while finance and policymaking was left with the national government. The Pakistan Segment Review (PDS) of 1984-87 evaluations showed the unrefined rate of birth at 43.3 per thousand and the complete richness rate (TFR) at 6.9 kids per lady.

During this period The Public Foundation of Populace Studies (NIPS) was laid out and the job of nongovernmental associations (NGOs) was systematized through the NGO Coordination Gathering (NGOCC). Notwithstanding, generally, the program wilted during this time because of the hesitance of its chiefs to offer solid help.

The Third Ten years (1970 – 1979)

It was assumed that by 1970, around 18 percent of hitched ladies would rehearse contraception and this rate was supposed to go up by 34% toward the finish of 1975. In late December 1971, the populace was assessed at 65.2 Million. The period somewhere in the range of 1970 and 1978 was truth be told, set apart by the non-presence of an arrangement planned explicitly for Pakistan after the detachment of East Pakistan (presently Bangladesh) from the country in 1971. In 1977, after the adjustment of political arrangement in the country, the program met with serious analysis from the political and strict pioneers, which prompted the suspension of all program exercises until 1979. The closure of exercises impacted the working of the program antagonistically. The aftereffects of the 1975 Pakistan Review (PFS) uncovered that the CPR was basically as low as 5.2 percent.

The Subsequent Ten years (1960 – 1969)

The Second – long term Plan (1960 – 65) was proposed for a considerable length of time, after which adequate mindfulness, inspiration, and assets were expected to guarantee proceeding with family arranging without expanded government support. It was fundamentally intended to impact social mentalities and practices for family arranging. In view of the restricted reach of the Family Arranging Relationship of Pakistan to cover the populace for a huge scope, family arranging administrations were at first given through the power source of the Wellbeing Division. To administer these exercises, little free units were laid out in the Service of Wellbeing and Common Wellbeing Divisions. The social exploration projects were started through givers as a help movement. Toward the finish of 1964, there were 1589 family arranging facilities working inside the set up of wellbeing dispensaries, emergency clinics, and maternal consideration habitats. In view of a public helpful investigation of the Lippes Circle and the Margulies twistings demonstrating fulfillment and worthiness by Pakistanis, the public authority embraced the utilization of the IUCD for ladies as a significant strategy for later use in its public program.

In 1964, an assessment uncovered that the administrations were not arriving at the objective populace through the wellbeing outlets as these were overburdened with the current wellbeing needs of individuals.

In 1965 an independent body — the Family Arranging Board — was made under the Service of Wellbeing and Social Government assistance to only send off family arranging exercises that would have a more extensive area of inclusion and more independence in activity. Moreover, the Public Leading group of Family Arranging was shaped to prompt government strategies. The gathering was subsequently renamed the Populace Arranging Board.

Later in Walk 1968 a different managerial division was made, mass scale data, training and correspondence (IEC) exercises were sent off, and a help conveyance network was laid out with an objective of giving family arranging administrations to 20 Million couples in the country. Notwithstanding 19 years of coordinated family arranging endeavors, upheld by 14 years of dynamic authority support the consequences of the 1968-69 Public Effect Study featured the terrible execution of the Program where just 6% of qualified couples were accounted for to utilize contraceptives. Be that as it may, achievement was noted in the spread of prophylactic information as most of hitched ladies were accounted for to be aware no less than one strategy for family arranging.

The Primary Ten years (1950 – 1959)

The Program was sent off autonomously in 1953 through a NGO, the Family Arranging Relationship of Pakistan, and zeroed in on supporting and working with little family standards. Around then the number of inhabitants in Punjab was 20.54 Million with each wedded lady bearing around 6-7 kids. After three years, as a component of the first – long term plan (1955-60), the public authority offered little monetary help to the relationship to lay out centers in chosen urban communities for giving family arranging administrations. In 1958, it was understood that a functioning family arranging program was the need existing apart from everything else.

Arrangement of family government assistance administrations including family arranging and general clinical consideration. Readiness of spending plan and improvement plans. Coordination with the central government, worldwide organizations, NGOs, and contributors. Acquirement and dispersion of contraceptives.

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