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Population Welfare

While perceiving the need to diminish undesirable richness, Populace Government assistance division is giving family arranging and regenerative wellbeing Administrations to wedded couples through static and out-arrive at administrations in the area. The office mostly centers around birth dispersing and mother and kid medical care and for bringing balance between populace increment and financial prosperity. Legislature of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa perceiving the significance of Populace elements in the improvement arranging likewise recognizes the need to decrease the rate and occurrence of undesirable ripeness through utilization of contraceptives, advance harmony between family size and their assets, put resources into the young by keeping an emphasis on the male populace opposite conduct change and mindfulness. Family arranging is one of the most expense effective intercession for keeping a harmony between populace increment and financial prosperity of the populace.


Message of the Special Assistant to Chief Minister

Unique Collaborator to Head MinisterEnsuring admittance to Family Arranging and Conceptive Wellbeing Administrations is one of the needs of the Commonplace Government. Populace Government assistance Division, being one of the key partners is depended with satisfying this order of the public authority through an organization of administration conveyance focuses all through the region.

Populace of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been expanding at a disturbing speed of 2.8% each year. It has dramatically increased what it was a long time back. With the Populace Development Rate (PGR) of 2.8 per annum, the number of inhabitants in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will get multiplied continuously 2042. Throughout the long term this rising pattern in populace has changed the entire segment situation of the territory, by which, tremendous number of youngsters have gone into their hitched life, who in the event that not legitimate directed about Family Arranging, could turn into a wellspring of sped up expansion in the populace. The Financial Advancement made in the past couple of many years are fairly balanced with this extra populace. We as a whole know that because of different reasons, be it family and cultural tensions or individual decision, the principal justification for high Populace Development Rate is need for additional kids that outcomes into extremely High Fruitfulness and Rate of birth.

The connection between Populace Development and financial advancement is very much demonstrated. Our adjoining as well as Muslim nations have gained complex headway through interest in the field of Family Arranging and Regenerative wellbeing. Our advancement doesn’t match the nations, where interest in Family Arranging and Regenerative Wellbeing has been given main concern. We are still behind the adjoining nations in a ton of improvement markers. Thusly, in the event that actually left unattended, the populace will additionally fill before very long making it rather difficult for families and the public authority. Urban areas would become stuffed, while families will experience because of more fragile strength of mother and youngster. This would likewise tend the public authority to redirect extra assets for wellbeing administration conveyance leaving little assets for the truly necessary infrastructural and other financial improvement projects.

The Common Government is committed and has concentrated on Family Arranging and Conceptive Wellbeing. All inclusive availability to Family Arranging/Conceptive Wellbeing administrations is being guaranteed not just through the Help Conveyance organization of Populace Government assistance, however the more extensive organization of Wellbeing and confidential area administration conveyance are additionally being used for accomplishing the reason. The Common Government has likewise comprised a Common Populace Team on Populace Government assistance under the Chairmanship of the Main Pastor to take stock on the advancement of Gathering of Normal Premium suggestions that intend to cut down the Populace Development Rate through various activities of the public authority and confidential area. To acknowledge plans into activities, the Common Team endorsed a 5 Years Activity Plan as well as a commonplace story on Populace Government assistance.

Almost certainly, there are difficulties ahead, however with responsibility and resolve of the Public authority, association and coordination with sister divisions and non Government associations, the objective of reasonable populace will be accomplished for improvement and success of the region.

Syed Ahmed Hussain Shah
Exceptional Colleague to Boss Pastor
Populace Government assistance Office
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Secretary Message

Secretary to Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

At the hour of freedom, the number of inhabitants in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was just 4.5 million. As per 2017 Evaluation, the populace has expanded to 35.525 million, in this manner in about two ages, populace of the area has expanded by 31 million, which is very nearly multiple times increment. The yearly between censual development pace of 2.8% suggests that on the off chance that substantial strides for diminishing Populace development are not taken, the number of inhabitants in this region will get multiplied in 25 years contrasted with a typical multiplying season of 29 years for Pakistan and 79 years for the South Asian nations.

Fast populace development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is for the most part brought about by high All out Richness Rate (TFR), which has declined from 5.5 in 1990 (Pakistan Segment and Wellbeing (PDHS)1990-91), to 4.3 in 2006(PDHS 2006-07) and 4.0 in 2017(PDHS 2017-18). The rustic ripeness remains very high than metropolitan regions (country 4.2 and metropolitan 3.1 births). Number of variables contribute towards this sluggish pattern of lessening in ripeness that incorporate low contraception reception, especially in rustic regions, propagated by low instructive fulfillment particularly by female, interest for huge family size, deficient decided regard for advance birth separating and because of various obstructions looked by the potential clients including social and social tensions.

Expansion in populace straightforwardly influences reasonable turn of events. More populace implies, more schools for their schooling, more emergency clinics for medical services, more water for their wellbeing and cleanliness, more open doors for their business hence requiring more assets for guaranteeing fundamental conveniences of life leaving little for modern and foundation advancement.

Populace Government assistance Division Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while perceiving the significance of Family Arranging and Regenerative Wellbeing and keeping in view the sacredness of socio-social setting of the territory, is putting forth hard and fast attempts to bring the populace at a manageable level. Populace Government assistance Division has been giving most ideal Family Arranging and Regenerative Wellbeing administrations to wedded couples through an organization of offices including 682 Family Government assistance Focuses (FWCs), 35 Conceptive Wellbeing Administrations Focuses (RHSC-As) and 41 Versatile Help Units. The commitment of these offices in expanding the Preventative Commonness Rate (CPR) to 31 percent and diminishing the All out Ripeness Rate (TFR) to 4 Kids for every lady is legitimate in various overview reports. (source: PDHS 2017-18)

A broad preparation program is set up that is being executed through three Preparation foundations at Peshawar, Abbottabad and Malakand to provide food for the human asset advancement, which is crucial for arrangement of value family arranging administrations. Correspondence Methodology has additionally been created to make mindfulness among the majority about significance of our objective. The Division is additionally getting development the administration framework, particularly in digitalization of observing framework that is fundamental for guaranteeing quality administrations up to the last mile. A Regenerative Medical care Privileges Act has been established that not just perceives Conceptive Wellbeing as a right of Lady, yet it likewise gives an administrative job to Populace Government assistance Division for smoothing out Family Arranging and Conceptive Wellbeing administrations in the territory.

The 2018 Suo Moto notice of the High Court of Pakistan with respect to “Disturbing High Populace Development rate in the Nation” brought about Committee of Normal Interests (CCI) suggestions in 8 Regions. This is a promise of something better for the Division as it has brought the issue of High Populace Development Rate to the front. A Team under the capable authority of Noteworthy Boss Priest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been comprised to consider what is happening and backing the Division and sister associations in execution of the Activity Plan that has been created for accomplishing the Objective of bringing Populace Development at maintainable level.

Mr. Asghar Ali
Secretary to Legislature of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Populace Government assistance Division



Mr. Asghar Ali
Secretary to Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Population Welfare Department   

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