Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF)


During their traveler rule, the English gathered sixteen weapons handling plants in the English Raj, by far most of which were gained by India. Pakistan’s most noteworthy State head, Liaquat Ali Khan, provided a request in something like four months of the opportunity of Pakistan to spread out a weapons plant in a joint exertion with English Renowned Weapons Creation line to make 0.303 sort rifles. In December 1951 Pakistan’s ensuing Top of the state, Khawaja Nazimuddin, started the underlying four POF studios in the unpretentious local area of Wah Cantonment.

pakistan ordnance factories (pof)

The Pakistan Weapons Plants (POF) is a huge firearms, protect project specialist, and military endeavor got comfortable Wah Cantt, Punjab, Pakistan. It is “the greatest insurance present day complex under the Assistance of Gatekeeper Creation, conveying normal arms and ammo to overall rules. POF Board settle is at Wah Cantt. At this point POF incorporates 14 weapons handling plants and three business assistants. Pakistan Weapons Handling plants in like manner produce business explosives, hunting ammunition and have wide workplaces for the collecting of metal, copper and aluminum ingots, removals and fragments for non-military applications. A pieces of clothing handling plant, which has present day material cutting workplaces, sewing units, etc produces military formal attire and can in like manner provide food for the necessities of the normal region”.

POF was laid out in December 1951 by the public power of Pakistan with early organized exertion from the English Royal Weapons Creation line. The POF engineers, makes, conveys, makes, and advances numerous different sorts of infantry and explicit explanation weapons, explosives, ammunition, mortars, rockets, and the strategic stuff for Pakistan’s military. Its corporate power comes from a selection by GHQ where the head of equipped power staff (COAS) embraces the game plan, but POF is under the Help of Security, so the COAS isn’t in the prompt degrees of initiative. The POF is the earliest and maybe of the greatest military organization in Pakistan, and later impacted various other military associations in the Pakistan Military.

POF produces ammunition that meets necessities set by NATO detail. Beside military works, the POF furthermore serves the standard resident policing, paramilitary, and classified security publicizes the nation over.


Found 45 km from Islamabad and with chief manufacturing workplaces at Wah Cantonment, POF is a meandering aimlessly complex of fourteen creation units and six helpers conveying standard arms and ammunition. Imaginative work projects have been embraced to restrict dependence on new suppliers. Attempts have been made towards certainty through improvement and indigenisation, for achieving the going with:-

1. Optimal use of excess restriction of POF.
2. Period of resources for improve monetary arrangement grant.
3. Participative collaboration with the classified region.
4. Further developing items.

POF uses advancement and stuff that has been secured from the US, the Gathered Domain, France, Germany and China. The plants in POF use without a doubt the latest state of the art processes, including computerized numerical controlled machines and versatile Gathering structures for the making of precision parts.

A Stamp was in like manner given by Pakistan Post on the occasion of splendid festival of POF (Dt. 28 December 2001) to regard the country’s greatest insurance creating unit’s organizations.

POF has been allowed standards by the Overall Relationship for Standardization. These integrate ISO 9001 for quality organization, ISO 14001 for environmental organization, and ISO 17025 for meeting the general necessities for Ability of Test and Change Exploration focuses. In 2005, P.O.F was similarly conceded with security and prosperity environment standard OHSAS 18001.

During a visit to POF, State pioneer Shaukat Aziz made the going with acknowledgment:

“POF is an island of significance for Pakistan. POF and its laborers have expected an essential and huge part in supporting Pakistan’s protect. We are satisfied with what you have achieved. I wish you continued with result later on.”


POF produce around 70 critical things for supply to the Pakistan Equipped power, Maritime power and Flying corps. The key things consolidate modified rifles, Firearms, light/medium/profound attack rifles, many mortar and weapons ammunition, plane and threatening to plane ammunition, tank and against tank ammunition, bombs, shots, stowed away explosives, firecrackers, little ammunition, rockets, military and business explosives and powers and sign stores.


As well as fulfilling the necessities of Pakistan Gatekeeper Powers, POF things are in assist with in excess of 40 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. Ammunition and rifles have been exchanged to countries like Iraq, Croatia and Afghanistan for their different military establishments.

POF invests huge energy in the gathering of business explosives, hunting ammunition and has wide workplaces for the development of metal, copper and aluminum ingots. A top tier garments creation line, makes military formal attire and can moreover cater for the necessities of the normal region.

As of post 2010s, Pakistan has been hoping to push ahead with its item market anyway defying difficulties as a result of worldwide guidelines approved by the Brought together Nations.

In 2017, the POF revealed it will be opening a branch in the Brought together Bedouin Emirates and zeroing in on Center Eastern business areas where it will cook the necessities of the host country, but all through a critical piece of the Middle East where solicitations are high.


Pakistan Arms Plants are country’s head monitor creation affiliation. We vivaciously welcome our overall clients from heartfelt countries and recommendation a wide extent of watchman things made on generally huge degree of significant worth standards everything thought about serious expenses. Spread out in 1951, POF is the greatest state had watch maker in Pakistan. Other than being the essential supplier of Pakistan Outfitted Power and the policing, POF items to different countries across the globe.

Having a work force of more than 27,000 talented delegates in 14 security current units and different business helper associations POF uses more than 20,000 plants scattered in the monstrous present day complex arranged at Wah Cantonment in Pakistan. Our thing range is magnificently portrayed in this rundown. We highlight show it in most of the worldwide security shows. POFs Items Division uses experts who manage client necessities in capable manner with most outrageous quickness. You could send all of your solicitations to us on with my own certification of mind blowing help from POF.

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