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PNSC is a Public banner transporter. It appeared by a consolidation of Public Delivery Partnership (NSC) and Pakistan Transportation Enterprise in 1979 through Pakistan Public Delivery Company Statute No. XX, 1979 [Gazette of Pakistan, extra-common Part I, 29 Walk 1979], which has the sacred security. It is independent and overseen by the Top managerial staff. The Enterprise’s administrative center is situated in Karachi. The Enterprise additionally has a broad abroad organization of specialists caring for its overall delivery business.

Pakistan National Shipping Corporation 2023

Big haulers Administrations

PNSC has shipped approx 80 million tons of rough beginning around 1998 when it began big hauler activities. At present PNSC works 4 current twofold body aframax big haulers of 107000 DWT limit and 2 LR-1 Item big hauler of 74000 DWT limit.

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Mass Transporters
PNSC obtained its most memorable mass transporter to be specific “KAGHAN” in 2006. From that point forward PNSC has had the option to add further 6 current mass transporters of various sort and sizes to cater for a wide range of enormous and little mass exchanges. These incorporate a 2009 helpful size, one convenient max, one supramax and another panamax of 2003 classic. With a typical age under 09 years PNSC is very much positioned to cater for any overall exchange. Today its mass transporters are working from all landmasses conveying iron metal, coal, grains, other mass minerals, wood, manures and other completed items.

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PNSC works overall NVOCC/Opening activity through space sanction game plans with all significant transportation lines and covers generally eastern and western ports.

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PNSC offers selective organization administrations with its 10 years of involvement as an independent proprietor. PNSC deals with a proficient and client situated office division.

With more than many brings in the port of Karachi and Receptacle Qasim, PNSC offer five star organization administrations to any head. Financially savvy administrations for freight activities, fixes, transport chandling , stores and so on.

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Overall hiking tasks.

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Vision and Mission Statement

To be an unmistakable player and key partner in worldwide delivery industry by keeping up with broadened and proficient marine resources. To give dependable and effective delivery administrations to abroad and Pakistan’s seaborne exchange, keeping up with relationship of respectability and entrust with our clients, accomplices, representatives, defending interests of our partners and contributing towards improvement of public economy, society and the climate.

Business Ethics and Values:

  1. Good governance with high degree of integrity, transparency and accountability.
  2. Develop and maintain good corporate culture.
  3. Ethical business practices respecting international regulations governing shipping.
  4. Promote and reward merit and eliminate discrimination in all forms.

Company Profile

The public banner transporter of Pakistan, exchanging under the name of Pakistan Public Delivery Enterprise (PNSC) is participated in transportation of dry mass and fluid cargoes around the world. Our Administration workplaces are situated in Karachi, Pakistan and we are recorded on the Karachi Stock Trade starting around 1980. PNSC is an independent organization, what capabilities under the general control of the Service of Sea Undertakings, Administration of Pakistan. It deals with an armada of 13 boats, land and a maintenance studio. Our armada is a blend of twofold structure Aframax big haulers, LR-1 Item big haulers, Panmax mass transporters, Supramax, Handymax and Handysize mass transporters, all of present day classic, having an all out conveying limit of north of 1,045 thousand tons of extra weight. We transport all sort of cargoes on a few topographical courses covering practically whole world. Our Handymax and Handysize dry mass transporters convey iron and steel items, composts, minerals, woods items, metals, bauxite, alumina, concrete and other development materials. Our Panamax dry mass transporters convey coal and iron metal for energy and steel creation along with grain for feedstocks. Our vessels add to overall ocean borne exchange a large number of shipping lanes and convey extensive variety of cargoes for various merchants and chartereres of worldwide notoriety. Our vessels are being worked by profoundly qualified and equipped experts. We are centered around boosting investor esteem by augmenting profits from our speculations and it is our undertaking to best serve the interests of partners while simultaneously guaranteeing our vessels stick to the most noteworthy security and natural principles.

Executive’s Message

PNSC like some other public delivery organization is extremely unique and testing. It is extraordinary in light of, the really worldwide nature, the profoundly recurrent business sectors at play, and the exceptional serious design, with many decided players in seas to rival. It is testing a direct result of truly changing business sector elements.
The achievements of our partnership require the constancy and keenness of expert individuals cooperating to meet our desires of acknowledgment as one of the most mind-blowing worldwide transportation organizations and to convey as we vow to our clients. As we walk forward we keep on remembering these considerations and endeavor to track down the best blend of congruity and change to answer unpredictable transportation market’s elements.
I’m lucky to have with me a modest bunch of individuals in PNSC who share my excitement and want to be top notch in transportation business. In view of this objective we have set out on restored ‘vision’ and ‘hard working attitudes’. I’m pleased to say that PNSC will keep on adding gifted and devoted experts who share reasoning of offering support in view of difficult work, trustworthiness and impressive skill.
Up until this point, our exercises have zeroed in on broadened delivering business, got from the transportation of oil fluids, mass and dry cargoes of practically various kinds. Our more youthful armada and transportation vessels are outfitted with modern offices; with exceptionally complex gear and mechanized mechanization organization. The outcome of our armada supplanting along with reasonable administration endeavors will assist us with accomplishing our objectives. Without a doubt, we are trying to improve our business tasks. Our field-tested strategy likewise incorporates expansion of Oil Big haulers, Dredgers, Towing boats, Ship Boats and Port Framework exercises.
We invest wholeheartedly in Capable and Quality Administrations. We are happy to discover that our obligation to expert and quality help has gotten affirmation which will just build up our determination and urge us to take a stab at more significant levels of greatness.
I thank our esteemed clients for their business and thank my partners for their faithfulness and devotion. We anticipate present with top of the line transportation arrangements in the twenty-first 100 years.

PNSC is an independent partnership, what capabilities under the general control of the Service of Sea Undertakings, Administration of Pakistan. It deals with an armada of 13 boats, land and a maintenance studio.

The Corporation manages a fleet of 11 vessels, consisting of 6 tankers and 5 bulk carriers.24-Dec-2021


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