Intelligence Bureau (IB) Pakistan FORCES


The Intelligence Bureau is a non military work force information office in Pakistan. Spread out in 1947, the IB is Pakistan’s most prepared information association. Game plans and the board of its assignments are endorsed by the State head of Pakistan.

Brief history

The Information Organization at first piece of the English Raj’s Information Division which was spread out by the English Equipped power’s Huge General Sir Charles MacGregor who, around then, at that point, was Official General and top of the Understanding Division for the English Indian Furnished force at Shimla, in 1885. Before this game plan, Critical General Sir MacGregor was transported off English Indian Domain by the Sovereign Victoria. The IB’s objectives were to separate Russian warriors associations Afghanistan, fearing a Russian interruption of English India through the North-West during the late nineteenth 100 years.

In the aftermath of the opportunity of Pakistan by the English Crown, the IB, like the military was distributed, a Pakistan IB made in Karachi. Since, the IB is the most settled understanding neighborhood; being the Strategic Information (MI) of Pakistan’s military. The IB was at first Pakistan’s simply and essential information association with the commitment in regards to key and new experiences, as well as counter-surveillance and local endeavors.

Its horrendous appearing with the MI and unsatisfactory determining of the contention with India in 1947 was in any case considered to be not precisely superb. As a result of the truth, IB was stressed over inside security matters, and was not set up for new information grouping. These examinations finally provoked the development of the ISI in 1948 as it promptly took the charge of social event key and new information at all levels of request.

Game plan for IB’s Central General are made by the Top state pioneer anyway the course of action should be attested by the President. The IB is a customary resident information association, and its DG have been chosen from the normal organization and the police; as well as surrendered military specialists have moreover filled in as DG IB.

Intelligence Bureau (IB) Pakistan FORCES


Since the 1950s-1980s, the IB was running unique exercises to screen administrators, political activists, thought manipulators, and thought new information agents. Soon after Dhaka Fall in 1971, the IB prompted the then State pioneer about Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of upset discussions between the President, Gul Hassan Khan and Air Supervisor Marshal Abdul Rahim Khan. Bhutto and his close by partners, including Ghulam Mustafa Khar, in a counter-oust invited the two Officers to the President House beguilingly and got their renunciations. The IB watches political specialists from countries it considers adversarial to Pakistan’s interests. During the 1990s, the IB obtained overall standing when its delegates had successfully entered huge quantities of the mental oppressor organizations.

In 1996, the IB was permitted control of government oversight programs, controlling information spread through mail, wire, or electronic medium. During the 1990s, the IB remained actually involved to control sectarianism and the fundamentalism in the country. An enormous number of its errands were facilitated towards intrusion, coordinating observation, counterespionage, and giving key information on mental oppressor affiliations. After the horrifying 9/11 mental oppressor attacks in the US, the IB accepted at least for now that its part as an accomplice of the government. IB’s powerful entrance systems has provoked the catch and control of a critical number of high-profile manipulators and hardliner militants. Furthermore, it has been instrumental in tries to break mental aggressor associations and composed bad behavior rackets generally through the country especially Karachi through its mind boggling human and specific information contraption. The workplace had in like manner been blamed for its hawkish work in Movement Clean up at Karachi in 1991-92 and 1994-96.

The IB is seen as an essential gadget of the public position to placate obstruction parts and is on occasion seen as an organization cutting down machine. One case being discussed in the High Court of Pakistan is for the alleged relationship of the association in debilitating the Punjab Government in 2008.

Legality and powers

The IB experts have no traditional catch capacities, and its suspects are much of the time got and researched by the FIA experts in accordance with the IB specialists.

The IB moreover passes on understanding procured through intrusion between other Pakistan’s information neighborhood, and other Policing needed. The Office also gives the fundamental remarkable status to Pakistani representatives and judges before they commit the promise. Powers surrendered by the public power, the IB in like manner catches and opens standard sends and letters reliably

Rundown of IB officials Martyred in functional obligations

Information Division (IB) Pakistan is the earliest Understanding office. Information Division is the customary resident knowledge office known as IB Pakistan. It is spread out on 17 August 1947. All social occasions and association of Information Organization exercises are upheld by the State head of Pakistan.

1993: Abdul Latif Baloch
1983: Aman-Ullah Khan, Chief General
2008: Khaliq uz zaman, Reviewer
2009: Qamar Anees Shaheed, Collaborator Sub Reviewer
2010: Saif Ullah Khalid, Reviewer
2010: Kashif khan
2011: Hassan Raza
2011: Alam Khan, Sub Controller
2011: Abdul Razzaq, Controller
2011: Arshad Ghayas, Associate Sub Inspecto
2011: Siraj, Appointee Chief
2012: Qamar Raza
2012: Bashir Khan, Investigator
2013: Muhammad Ali, Sub-Investigator
2013: Khawaja Abdul Wahab Investigator Sargodha
2013: Mazhar Awan Sub Inspector’Sargodha
2013: Mazhar Ali, Sub Investigator Sargodha
2013: Agha Aatif Khan, Partner Sub Monitor Sargodha
2013: Abdul Mueed Hamirani, Partner Chief
2013: Sajid Hussain Zahidi, Partner Chief
2014: Manan Shah, Investigator
2014: Rana Saad Noorani
2016: Usman Gul, Investigator
2021 khan bahadur , Sub investigator
2022 Muzahir Hussain Bangash, APS
2022 Amjad Khan , Right hand Sub auditor
2022 Najeeb Khan , Right hand Sub auditor

Rundown of IB bosses

The authoritative focus of IB is organized in Islamabad, Pakistan. The essential objective of the Information Division is to keep an eye out for lawmakers and political activities. It is killing unlawful terrorizing to counter the baffling associations of various countries.

Dr Suleman Khan is the Main General of Understanding Organization Pakistan. The Main General of IB clearly reports to the Top of the province of Pakistan about its errands.

Faisal ur rehman

Major Tayyab Raza, Nov, 1982
Brig. Imtiaz Ahmad, 1990-1993
Maj.(R) Masood Shareef 1993 – 1996
Col (R) Iqbal Niazi, August 1998 – October 1999
Significant Gen Rafi Ullah Niazi 1999 – ???
Maj Gen (R) Talat Munir, ? – October 2002
Col (R) Bashir Wali Mohmmand, October 2002 – February 2003
Brig (R) Ijaz Shah, February 2004 – Walk 2008
Tariq Ahmed Lodhi, Walk 2008 – August 2008
Shoaib Suddle, August 2008 – May 2009
Javed Noor, May 2009 – October 2011
Akhter Hussain Gorchani, July 2012 – Walk 2013
Aftab Ruler, June 2013 – June 2018
Dr. Suleman Khan, May 2018 – July 2018
Ihsan Ghani, July 2018 – August 2018
Shujaat Ullah Qureshi, August 2018 – September 2018
Dr Suleman Khan, September 2018 – April 2022
Fuad Asadullah Khan S(ST), T(ST), nsc, April 2022 – To introduce

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