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HBL Bank

Habib Bank Restricted condensed as HBL, is a Pakistani global bank situated in Habib Bank Square, Karachi, Pakistan.

Established in 1939 by the Habib Family, HBL turned into Pakistan’s most memorable business bank. In 1951 it opened its most memorable worldwide branch in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In 1972 the bank moved its central command to the Habib Bank Court, which turned into the tallest structure in South Asia at that point. The Public authority nationalized the bank in 1974 and privatized it in 2003; around then the Aga Khan Asset for Financial Improvement procured a controlling offer.


HBL significant shareholding lies with the Aga Khan Asset for Financial Turn of events (AKFED) which is situated in Geneva, Switzerland.

Starting around 2018, HBL has 1700+ branches with presence in north of 25 nations traversing across four landmasses. It is the biggest organization in Pakistan regarding resources, and has over and over positioned top Pakistani organization in the Forbes Worldwide 2000. It is additionally Pakistan’s biggest business bank, with north of 1,700 branches.

Starting around 2021, HBL has 21,703 long-lasting workers and 114 on agreement.

Habib Bank Limited HBL - pkcarrier


Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Pakistan’s most memorable Lead representative General, understood the significance of monetary intermediation while he was lobbying for the making of a different country for the Muslims. He convinced the Habib family to lay out a business bank that could serve the Muslim people group. His drive brought about the formation of Habib Bank in 1941, with head office in Bombay, and fixed capital of 25,000 rupees. The bank assumed a significant part in preparing assets from the Muslim people group to back the All-India Muslim Association’s mission for the foundation of Pakistan. Habib Bank likewise assumed a significant part in diverting help assets to Muslims hurt in the common mobs and brutality that went before the takeoff of the English from English India and the ensuing part.

After the arrangement of Pakistan in 1947, Habib Bank moved its central command to Karachi, Pakistan’s most memorable capital, at the asking of Lead representative General Jinnah. This provided Karachi with its most memorable business bank of the recently framed Pakistan.

The Habib family would possess and deal with the bank until the Pakistan government nationalized it on 1 January 1974.

On 13 June 2002, Pakistan’s Privatization Bonus declared that the Public authority of Pakistan would give the Aga Khan Asset for Financial Turn of events (AKFED), an auxiliary of the Aga Khan Improvement Organization, larger part responsibility for against an AKFED’s interest in the bank.

In 2002, HBL’s UK activity verged on being closed down because of administrative issues with the Monetary Administrations Authority. The issue was settled by switching the tasks over completely to an auxiliary. Then, at that point, Habib Bank Restricted and United Bank of Pakistan combined their tasks (Habib contributed its 6 branches and Unified its 4 branches), into another bank, considered Habib-Partnered Global Bank, in which Habib Bank has a 90.5% shareholding, while Unified Bank has 9.5%.

In December 2003, the Public authority of Pakistan allowed AKFED privileges to 51% of the shareholding in the bank against a venture of PKR 22.409 billion (US$389 million). In February 2004, Administration of Pakistan gave over administration control of Habib Bank to AKFED. The Top managerial staff was reconstituted to have four AKFED chosen people, including the Executive and the President/Chief and three Legislature of Pakistan candidates.

In 2013, the bank obtained Citibank Pakistan buyer business for Rs. 2 billion.

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