Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC)

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC)

(FPSC) Federal Public Service Commission  is a federal agency of Government of Pakistan that is responsible for recruiting civil servants and bureaucrats for Government of Pakistan.



The Public Help Commission was set up without precedent for English provincial rule in 1926. After autonomy, the commission was laid out in Pakistan in 1947 under the arrangement of Legislature of Pakistan Act.


As of now, the commission is working under article 242 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It has been given independence under the Guidelines of Business, 1973 and FPSC Guidelines, 1978 in its working. The commission has been given authoritative as well as, somewhat,

Composition Of The Commission

The commission comprises of a director and the individuals. The director is delegated by the Leader of Pakistan, in his circumspection, under Article 242 (IA) of the Constitution of Pakistan (1973). The individuals are selected by the president on the exhortation of the State head of Pakistan. The commission is helped by the secretary, who gives a connection among the commission, its secretariat and the public authority offices.

About CSS Examination (Central Superior Services of Pakistan)

CSS is a serious assessment through which FPSC initiates the civil servants. It is the greatest serious assessment of Pakistan for enlisting civil servants.

Is CSS and FPSC same?

Presentation: CSS Test represents Focal Predominant Help Test. CSS Test is led by Bureaucratic Public Assistance Commission (FPSC) Islamabad for the enrollment of contender to posts (BS-17) in the accompanying administrations under the National Government

Who is eligible for FPSC?

Reply: I) An up-and-comer should hold essentially a Subsequent Division or Grade “C” Four year certification in any staff of one of the Pakistani Colleges or a comparable degree or equivalent instructive capabilities of an unfamiliar College perceived by Advanced education Commission, Islamabad.

How can I apply for CSS online?

The most effective method to apply for CSS Test
Store the test charge in the closest Govt. …
Fill in the ‘Online Application Structure’ on the authority site of FPSC. …
Dispatch the printed copy of the internet based structure alongside duplicates of your reports and bank-receipt to the FPSC settle, Islamabad.

How do I register for CSS exam?

CSS Enrollments: How to Apply for CSS
Just like the case consistently, as a general rule, the CSS test enrollments open for the most part toward the beginning of October. Assuming you are considering applying, go no further! This blog will walk you through the whole interaction so you don’t need to go through the agony of filtering through vast reports on the FPSC site.

Priorities straight, you really want to be aware assuming you are qualified to apply for the CSS assessments by any stretch of the imagination. There is an extensive rundown of models, so we have consolidated it into a basic agenda only for you.

Qualification Rules For the CSS Test
1. CSS Test Age Cutoff points
a-General Age Limitations
You should be matured somewhere in the range of 21 and 30, comprehensive, determined on the 31st of December, of the year going before your test.

On the off chance that you are over 30 or under 21 by even a day, depended on the previously mentioned date, you are not qualified to apply.
For instance, you are not qualified for the CSS Assessments 2022 if:
You were brought into the world prior to December 31, 1991.
You were brought into the world on or after January 2, 2021.
b-CSS Age Unwinding
There is, nonetheless, an age unwinding provision, that permits individuals from explicit segment gatherings, to apply till the age of 32, determined as referenced previously. The figure underneath represents in an improved on structure, whether the age unwinding condition concerns you. On the off chance that you fall in any of the classes referenced and are somewhere in the range of 30 and 32 years old, you are qualified.

Note: On the off chance that you have a place with a perceived clan, the age unwinding condition possibly concerns you in the event that you or your family likewise at present live in one of the accompanying regions (confirmation of home required):

Ancestral Areas of D.I. Khan and Peshawar Divisions;
Baloch Region part of D.G. Khan and Rajanpur Regions;
Previous Ancestral Areas of Mardan and Hazara Divisions;
Upper Tanawal Area of Hazara Division.

2. Which Degree is Expected for CSS
We have dense the degree necessities for you as a suitably estimated graph beneath. On the off chance that you have a particular inquiries, not covered here, go ahead and allude to our free guiding help anytime or allude to our CSS online test readiness.

Which is the highest post in CSS?

The most noteworthy achievable position for an in the country’s official organization is BPS-22 grade. CSS is a first class common help authority which is liable for running the regulatory tasks and government secretariats and directorates of the Bureau of Pakistan.26-Blemish 2022

What percentage is required for CSS?

Nonetheless, the base imprint expected for meeting all requirements for the obligatory subjects is around 40%, while for the discretionary subjects is something like 30%. The competitor who qualified after the composed test will be shortlisted for additional parts like clinical, viva, and mental tests.

Many individuals from everywhere Pakistan show up for the CSS test consistently. Various individuals out there need to go for CSS assessments, however a few group have hardly any insight into the overall data in regards to CSS assessments. Be that as it may, hello, relax, we have you covered. In the event that you are hoping to find general data in regards to the CSS assessments, you have come at the perfect locations.

What is CSS?

CSS represents Focal Prevalent Administrations. It is a serious test coordinated by Government Public Administrations Commission (FPSC) to select common officials on a legitimacy premise. Individuals from everywhere Pakistan show up in this test to get higher positions as government workers. CSS is perhaps of the hardest test in Pakistan.

Many individuals show up for the CSS assessment, yet sadly, a couple can pass these assessments with flying imprints. Many individuals have this tremendous misinterpretation that CSS assessments are simple and can be arranged exclusively in a couple of months, however this isn’t totally obvious, as CSS test planning is no piece of cake and calls for a ton of investment and exertion.

What are the pieces of CSS tests?

CSS test comprises of four significant parts: a composed test, a clinical trial, a viva, and a mental test. The composed test has six obligatory subjects and six discretionary subjects, and the applicants can choose it from the subjects as indicated by their past training records. Notwithstanding, the base imprint expected for fitting the bill for the necessary subjects is around 40%, while for the discretionary subjects is no less than 30%. The applicant who qualified after the composed test will be shortlisted for additional parts like clinical, viva, and mental tests.

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