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Capital Improvement Authority, condensed as CDA, is a public advantage partnership liable for offering metropolitan types of assistance in Islamabad Capital Domain.
The CDA was laid out on 14 June 1960 by leader request entitled Pakistan Capital Guideline.
Starting around 2016, the greater part of CDA’s civil administrations and divisions have been moved to the recently made Islamabad Metropolitan Organization, in spite of the fact that CDA is still responsible for domain the executives, project execution and area advancements.



Yahya Khan was designated its first Chairman, when he was a Lieutenant General.

Responsibilities and services

  • Maintenance
  • Local Roads Maintenance and Repair Work.
  • Public Infrastructure Maintenance.
  • Garbage Collection
  • Developer and Planner
  • Further expansion of Islamabad, Future planning
  • Act as Regulatory Authority
  • Building Code Standards.
  • Environment Standards.
  • Public Safety Standards.

Beginning around 2014, the CDA has been focusing on and crushing unlawful ghettos who are to a great extent involved by Christians in Islamabad. The High Court put on pause the tear-downs and requested from the CDA a composed defense to it. That’s what the CDA’s answered “The vast majority of these katchi abadis are under the control of the Christian people group.” “It appears to be this speed of control of land by Christian people group might increment. Evacuation of katchi abadies is exceptionally critical to give better climate to the resident of Islamabad and to safeguard the excellence of Islamabad.” Different basic freedoms activists censured the reaction.

In light of a legitimate concern for Overall population and different partners, it is educated that CDA Statute, 1960, ICT (Drafting) Guidelines, 1992 and the Reexamined Modalities and Methods outlined thereunder for Private Lodging Plans engages CDA to manage Arranging and Improvement of Private Lodging Plans.

Two level endorsements of Private Lodging Plans are allowed by CDA:
Specialized endorsement of Format Plan (Cut) of the plan.
Endless supply of ensuing customs, the No Protest Declarations (NOC) for advancement of the plan is given. The backers can begin advancement work and offer of plots in the wake of getting NOC from CDA.

It includes sectors like
  • I-8 to I-13,
  • H-8 to H-13,
  • G-5 to G-14,
  • F-6 to F-14, along with Golra Village rural area.

Islamabad is quite possibly of the most gorgeous Capital on the planet. The city is known for its lavish green scene, eco-accommodating climate, and arranged improvement. The city is partitioned into 5 zones and 9 CDA areas in Islamabad for organization.

Dissimilar to various improvement specialists everywhere, Capital Improvement Authority has a superior standing as for arranging and advancement. CDA has a rich history of arranging and creating lodging social orders in the government capital of Pakistan. These arranged lodging social orders in Islamabad are known as Areas.

The supported areas in the Islamabad give a protected an open door to contribute and offer an agreeable and rich way of life to the occupants. The commendable preparation and advancement in these areas have made Islamabad the most tranquil city in Pakistan.

Here in this space guide, you will track down a total rundown of CDA areas in Islamabad and find out about the world’s generally gorgeous capital of the world.

Zones in Islamabad:

Islamabad is partitioned into 5 authoritative zones


According to the authority site of CDA, here is the rundown of legitimate lodging social orders in Islamabad. See!

  • AGOCHS, Stage I
    AGOCHS, Stage II
    Al-Hamra Road
    Al-Hamra Slopes Agro Cultivating Plan
    Al-Makkah City
    Agro Cultivating Plan
    Armed force Government assistance Trust
    Bahria Territory Stage I Lodging Plan
    Bahria Territory II, Agro Cultivating Plan
    Bahria Territory II, Stage II, Lodging Plan
    Bahria Nursery City
    Bahria Town (Stage III-E and IV)
    Bahria Town (Stage VII-E)
    Bahria Town, Stage VII
    Bahria Town, Stage II, III, V and VI
    Bureau Division Representatives Co-usable Lodging Society
    Capital Territory
    CBR Town
    Engineers Co-employable
    Engineers Lodging Plan
    Central Government Workers Lodging Establishment (FGEHF)
    Alliance of Representatives
    FIA Park Territory Lodging Plan
    Elegance Valley
    Gulberg Greens Homestead Lodging Plan
    Gulberg Town
    Islamabad Nurseries
    Islamabad Model Town
    Jeddah Town
    Jinnah Nursery, Stage I
    Jinnah Nursery, Stage II
    Jinnah Town
    Kashmir Nurseries Cultivating Plan
    Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Stage (Augmentation)
    Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Stage I
    Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Stage II
    Margalla View Lodging Plan
    Service of Inside Representatives Co-employable Lodging Society
    Morgah City
    Multi Nurseries, Stage I
    Multi Nurseries, Stage II
    Public Gathering Representatives Agreeable Lodging Society (NAECHS)
    Public Police Establishment
    Maritime Jetty
    New Islamabad Nursery
    OPF Lodging Plan
    Pakistan Clinical Agreeable Lodging Plan
    Pakistan Naval force Homesteads, Simly Dam Street, Islamabad
    Heaven City
    Park View City Lodging Plan
    Parliamentarians Territory
    Rahman Territory Lodging Plan
    Waterway Nursery
    Roshan Pakistan (RP) Organization Lodging Plan
    Senate Road
    Administrations Co-employable Lodging Society
    Soan Nurseries
    High Court Representatives Lodging Plan
    Tele Nurseries Lodging Plan
    WWF Work Settlement
    Zaraj Lodging

Assuming you have put resources into one of the previously mentioned lawful lodging social orders in Islamabad, then your speculation is protected.

Notwithstanding, assuming that you are wanting to purchase a property in a private task other than this rundown, then, at that point, you want to ensure that it has no authenticity issues to keep away from any dangers implied.

Public Complaint and Grievances Cell has been laid out for both Capital Improvement Authority, Islamabad and Metropolitan Enterprise Islamabad. The Cell is going by Boss Grumbling Official.

Following area lines are accessible to get public questions/grievances from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on working days (Monday – Friday).

Telephone : 051-9253016 and 051-9252962

In the event that you have any questions, let us know and we will hit you up quickly.

Incase of document connection you might email straightforwardly to

Capital Improvement Authority, truncated as CDA), is a public advantage partnership liable for offering metropolitan types of assistance in Islamabad Capital Domain. The CDA was laid out on 14 June 1960 by chief request entitled Pakistan Capital Guideline.

Mr. Muhammad Ali (Vice Chancellor Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad).

CDA Board involves the Administrator, FA/Part, Part Organization, Part Designing, Part Domain, Part Arranging and Plan and Part Climate.

The board additionally incorporates four non-chief individuals in particular Mr. Nayyar Ali Dada (The amazing archtitect of Pakistan), Mr. Prof. Iftikhar Hussain Arif (A notable Writer and Researcher) and Teacher Dr. Mr. Muhammad Ali (Bad habit Chancellor Quaid-e-Azam College Islamabad). Boss Magistrate Islamabad (ICT) and Chief Rawalpindi are likewise the ex-officio individuals from the CDA Board.

Every Leader Part is incharge of different Directorates very much set up with profoundly qualified, experienced and skilled experts in different fields and trains.

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